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9 Jul

That’s right. That gosh darn barium I swallowed is sitting in my stomach 3 long painfully excruciatingly days later…it is still taking up space rent free in my intestinal tract. It hurts to walk. It hurts to sit. It just plain hurts. I have tried every form of relief possible. And guess what? NO RELIEF! I am literally full of…SHUT YO MOUTH!

I’ve tried everything. Pressure points, pressing on the belly, suppositories, various laxatives and I’ve got NOTHING. Next stop…Prune Juice.

I get it….everything has a side effect…whatever you put into your body; your body is sure to have a reaction. What I do wish is when the technician explained that I might be mildly constipated that she would have explained by mildly what she really meant to say was severely.

I just want this to all go away. I would get down on my knees and pray but I fear my obstructed digestive system will not allow me to. Kidding; about not praying…I’m sure I can do that standing up, through clenched teeth.

I have 3 more appointments and I will finally have my date for surgery. I truly hope that those won’t have any butt numbing side effects.

The Goal:

::sigh:: waiting impatiently………….