They Say

3 Jul

It’s come to my attention that EVERYONE has an opinion or something to say about my choice to have weight loss surgery (wls). I have been bombarded by a barrage of  “I think” “In my opinion” “You should just” and “if it were me”. Well guess what folks…it’s NOT you! So why doesn’t everybody shut their traps?!

I’ve been told I am just being lazy, that I am taking the easy way out, that I am not trying hard enough. I don’t even bother to respond. I give people the stupid look because that’s all they are deserving of. Who died and made you MY physician? Who gave you the credentials to diagnose me and tell me what I should do about my weight?  Where do you get off judging me?

I can’t even waste my breath trying to explain how it feels to be me. So I just don’t. Cause people don’t really want to hear it. People are satisfied with just having their own opinion and speaking just to hear themselves speak. Wanting to feel all knowing and and self important. I find other fat people to be the worst offenders. Here you are stuffing your face with mallowmars telling me what kind of person I am but the truth is you’re just too afraid to do anything about your own weight issue. Go Figure.

At the end of the day it is me that is going to have to deal with this. So if you’re a family member or a friend the only thing I expect is your support and your genuine concern about my well being. For everyone else…I guess they all kind of don’t matter. My husband is being my rock..and doing all that he can to insure that I am doing what’s best for ME.

Everybody Else….


That will be all for now.


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